Basic Skills

Standing from a Chair

When one begins to forget how to do things, standing out of a chair becomes a challenge. The issue isn’t about strength, but body mechanics. We do it so automatically (like walking) yet have difficulty explaining or assisting someone. Erroneous assistance can hurt the person struggling to stand or the caregiver’s wrist and lower back.

This video is a good example of a simple transfer from sitting in a chair to standing up. The caregiver helps to cue her loved one to the edge of the chair, then offers stability by placing her hand on his back and helps guide him through to the stand-up position. Being able to help someone up from a sitting position safely is very important. Knowing how to do this properly will not only keep your loved one safe, but you as well. 

Safe Body Mechanics

Hand Washing

As risk of infections have become so prevalent with COVID 19, hand washing is a very important skill to keep in mind. We all have been washing our hands since we were young, but reviewing all the critical components of this routine is critical, especially now.