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Oasis Special Respite Program

  • About – The Oasis Program offers Day Supportive Program and Overnight Respite Stay. All programs are geared toward helping participants maintain a sense of purpose in participating in the household. We also work on assisting in maintaining verbal, social, and manual skills. View page in pdf.
  • Overall Benefits – Daycare (DC) provides a break in daily care as a support strategy for family caregivers (FC) of people with dementia (PwD). Integrated programs are a promising approach that addresses the needs and demands of PwD and their FC in a multidimensional manner.(ref)
    • Participants
    • We observed a significant improvement in depression and significant engagement between participants.
    • Caregivers
    • Primary caregivers regained independence to work or attend to responsibilities previously neglected. The financial burden is also lessened as they do not have to pay for private care.
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Effectiveness of Respite Care,Virgínia Lúcia Reis Maffioletti
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Special Respite Program

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Oasis programs are in a home, not a facility. Participants will accept overnight stays if the need arises.

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