Each Oasis home provides respite, or short term support to a few guests living in their own home. The Oasis team assists in providing meaningful occupations/activities, exchange between participants.

We started with small workshop classes adapted to the interests and abilities of guests. Building or appointing bird houses, knitting, story reading etc… in a modified barn offering space and comfort. As relationship of trust grow, guests will have the option to schedule a stay to help their caregiver have a needed rest.

Separating spouse or families, by placing someone in a facility also present it’s own set of important challenge. That is why Oasis is researching a model that would be more adapted to a continued living but offering a second home where people can spend the day or a week to give the primary care giver more space to care for themselves, keep a job to maintain themselves in better shape.

The Impact of caregiving on caregivers is significant.

“The psychological health of the family caregiver is negatively affected by providing care. Higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health effects are common among family members who care for an older relative or friend.” “As families struggle to care for others, their own health is put in danger. As a result, caregiver health is quickly becoming a public health issue that requires more focused attention from health professionals, policy makers and caregivers themselves to ensure the health and safety of those individuals dedicating their lives to the care of others.”


Family Caregiver Alliance in cooperation with California’s Caregiver Resource Center and reviewed by Moira  Fordyce, MD, MB, ChB.