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Peace of mind can be huge. If you are stressed or exhausted (perhaps from caregiving for your loved one), then focus and memory might suffer. A person with a healthy brain may become worried that they’re showing signs of dementia. Taking a SAGE might reassure you that rather than developing an incurable brain disease, you just need more sleep.

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A new topic is added to our Zoom sessions DONALD’s SPIRITUAL HOUR Life can be hard, lonely, purposeless when suffering from an illness. Cultivating a strong spirituality can lift and add hope to one’s life. Without purpose one can loose the will to fight. Limited attendance, every Thursday at 1PM. To sign up

Vaccination Tips

Review these important points below: Are you taking care of someone? If yes, you are: Home-Based Respite and Individual/Family Support staff  and entitled to receive the vaccine as part of phase 1. Have you hired someone to take care of a loved one? If yes, they are called: Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) and they are […]


Activities are offered online for those who are isolated at home. From cooking, to craft, story telling and discussions and spiritual talks. Select your topic(s) and sign-up.


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