Caregiver Lectures

Caregiver Lectures

Starting June 8th at 2 PM, lectures and discussions will be offered by the OASIS WeCare Institute to the general public bimonthly for Caregivers at the Heritage Barn in Brewster.

Lectures will continue on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

Upcoming schedule

June 8th

What is cognitive decline? NASEM Health and Medicine Division, Anna Burke, MD, Barrow Neurological Institute

What is normal decline?

June 22nd

Depression & Cognitive Impairment, presented by Phil Borders, MD

July 13th

Is it Depression or Dementia? Claire Morley & Nicolette Asselin, MD

Types of declines that can be treated or slowed down.

July 27th

How should one go about diagnosing and why it is important to know from a provider trained on the subject?

Stories about misdiagnoses. Rush to diagnosis by unqualified providers.

August 10th

Understanding Dementia. What are the different type of dementia? Presented by Susanne Faith, R.N. CDP and Allan Johnson, MSW, Lic SW

How to get assistance if a family member has been diagnosed?

August 24th

Activities to reduce anxiety, by Claire Morley – Labyrinth Health Advocacy

Flowering your Mind, by Susanne Faith, R.N. CDP

September 14th

Managing Behaviors in Dementia, by Susanne Faith, R.N. CDP and Allan Johnson, MSW, Lic SW

What caregivers need to know about caring for someone? Options. Discuss Pro/con. Nicolette Asselin, M.D. OASIS WeCare Institute

September 28th

Caring for the Caregiver, by Claire Morley – Labyrinth Health Advocacy


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